Ol’ Dirty Bastard got away with murder

By calling himself Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the late Wu-Tang Clan rapper’s Russell Jones’ admission of his ‘dirty bastard’ ways somehow acted as an excuse for him to cover up his insecurities and continue getting away with murder.

Wu-Tang Clan rapper’s fate seemed to finally catch up with him when OBD was ironically struck down at the far-from-ripe Ol’ age of 35 on Saturday November 13, most probably as a result of his over-indulging and blatant disregard for the lives of himself and others.

The enormous influence of the rich and famous rapper’s ‘dirty bastard’ actions, must have hurt countless people, most notably the children who followed him as a self-proclaimed ‘role model’ — the very ones he claimed to be the savior of.

When the least-liked of us die, odes still tend to focus on the good things, but that’s not been the case since ODBs departure, with a multitude of negative press appearing.

The Houston Chronicle reported the following quotes about ODB and his tragic life:

ODB reportedly fathered 13 children, and was a child-support-avoiding absentee.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was a crude misogynist prone to violent outbursts and gunplay.

ODB was a man who needed help, and never got it.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was on the receiving end of a bullet more than once.

The tragedy of his life stemmed from mental illness and substance abuse that went untreated.

Jones was charged with assault in 1993, and shot in the stomach a year later.

ODB was arrested for failure to pay child support, drug possession, making terrorist threats, possession of body armour, assault, shoplifting and attempted murder.

ODB was shot again during an attempted robbery.

According to reports (of the news and arrest variety) Jones had a copious appetite for crack and, some record industry sources claim, hookers.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard seized the stage at the 1998 Grammy Awards to protest at the Wu-Tang Clan not winning an award, asking police not to arrest him because he was a children’s role model, and then spending days on the lam after skipping out on court-ordered rehab.

ODB had great counsel, managing to walk away from one set of charges after another without doing time and without addressing his problems. But his legal credit ran out in October 2000, when a judge weary of his recidivist ways, handed down a four-year prison term.

Autopsy results won’t be known until later this week.

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