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New theory explains 80 mln pokermania in the States

New theory explains 80 mln pokermania in the States

According to some recent studies, 80 million Americans play poker game in tournaments, online or just at home. Experts offered many theories in order to explain the stunning explosion of the game’s popularity such as celebrity support, televised tournaments, expansion of Texas Hold’em and new opportunities to play poker via internet.

There is another theory regarding poker popularity, reported Onlinecasinonews.com. It connects the rise of poker with the decrease of other games, which were previously seen as `more exciting or glamorous alternatives`.

Howard Schwartz, proprietor of Las Vegas’ Gambler’s Book Shop, commented: “The dotcom generation loves poker. It gives you a sense of control you don’t find in other games. It’s a roller coaster with an adrenaline high. Blackjack players have gone to poker because the casinos are breathing down the necks of anybody who counts cards or increases their bets substantially. They’re so afraid that these M.I.T. kids are going to take them down for a million dollars a day that they’ve made blackjack a difficult game to enjoy.”

Ben Affleck, a famous poker player, became the most convincing advertisement which enticed people who had nothing to do with poker.

PokerRoom.com, an online poker operator dealing with real money since 2001, announced that it is the world’s fastest growing company of its kind due to 60 % increase of its members since the beginning of 2004. Therefore, the company’s user database reached 2 million customers.

“We are absolutely thrilled with our growth in the last six months, and celebrate our 2,000,000th member. We believe our superior service, offering users the option of playing for play money or real money without the hassle of pop-up ads or downloads, leads to word-of-mouth thus contributing to growth in both sales and the number of sign-ups,” remarked Patrik Selin, Casino Boss of PokerRoom.com.

The operator developed only poker games, focusing on particularly the popular “Texas No Limit Hold’em”. Ira Gladnikoff, PokerRoom.com Director of Marketing, commented: “There is a renewed sense of interest in the game due the recent increase in celebrity players and American television shows such as The Casino, The World Series of Poker on ESPN, Las Vegas and Celebrity Poker Showdown,” said. “This trend, in turn, is driving traffic to our site which is growing exponentially.”

According to Casinomeister.com, some resources stated that the company was going to roll out mobile service in the near future, but there were no confirmation to these reports.

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